After The Applause

Graduation TimeThere are a lot of high school seniors who will soon be forced, and expected, to become adults once they cross their graduation stage. Some may go to college, vocational school, or even decide to enter the work field for the first time. One thing that is definitely not taught in high school classrooms is how to actually adult.

This may lead a lot of teens to experience depression and anxiety for the first time. It’s normal. This time period is a major transition. They’re going from asking to use the restroom during class to deciding when they want to have class altogether. With this new found freedom comes a lot of responsibilities. There are a lot of Graduationthings in adulting that seem as mythical as unicorns, like budgeting and taxes, that many will be forced to face after walking across that long awaited stage that they were not prepared for. And for us, the ones that have been adulting for a little while, make it look like fun times all the time. I can understand why many will suffer in silence.

But they don’t have to! Seeking counseling during and after major life transitions can make the process more successful. Whether it’s talking about the stress of your major or figuring out how to afford daily living expenses, therapy can help ease the island isolation. We all need a little help with adulting. Find yours at CURA!