Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

I’ve got to be honest, spring is definitely not my favorite season despite being born in the spring. I also struggle with change so seasons that change within the span of a few hours on the SAME day are definitely NOT my favorite.

Still, there is something about the spring that makes even an introvert like me want to be outdoors and be in nature. Spring is the first season that prepares me to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I think there are a lot of times like that in our lives where we have to push past our comfort zones in order to grow. Spring represents not only a time for growth but also a chance to feel renewed, Whether that’s in our purpose and goals or even just our mood.

Looking at it this way helps remind me to re-examine the projects and goals I’ve put on hold and make time to complete them. As you go about your day, take a moment to re-examine your own list of projects and goals. What have you put on hold?

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