Gut "Notifications"


Many of us are very aware of every notification that chimes from our smartphones. From calls, texts, emails, and apps, we have set our phones to send us push notifications to give us an update on whatever we deem important or worthy of getting our attention. Furthermore, we become concerned if the quantity of alerts dwindles at any point during our day.

Our  smartphones have become our “central intelligence system.” We sometimes rely on our phones more than our brains and gut intuitions. Yes, our gut is a great source of information because it is always communicating with our brain. Our gut or core is a major source of balance for physical and mental well-being. When exercising, experts always remind us to engage our core to maintain balance and proper form. Consequently, when our gut is under stress, we physically and mentally become unbalanced.
When we receive these notifications from our gut, we are apt to push them aside or justify them as a moment of bad eating. However, closer attention should be paid to the message being delivered. Is there a medical concern? Am I feeding my body the wrong diet? Am I stressed? Should I rethink a current situation or action? And so forth. The longer we delay acknowledging the message, the more intense the gut tries to push the message. With this intense message delivery, imbalance and distress is sure to follow.
The gut and the brain play key roles in our mood balance, stress level, or general state of mind.

Therefore, it is important to listen to the messages that our guts are delivering to our brains. Is it time to adjust your diet, to take a step back and de-stress, or that a doctor’s visit or overall wellness check is in order? Also, remember your brain and gut will react to` your smartphone notifications…do not ignore the message.

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