How to Choose a Therapist…

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From the title of this blog you may be wondering what kind of secrets I am about to unveil about choosing a therapist. The truth is...there is no secret. Finding a therapist right for you takes time, but there are some things that I can share that have helped me in the past.

  1. Knowing a clinician’s speciality: If you have a specific problem, you’ll want to seek someone who works with individuals, families, or couples with the same or similar problem. You wouldn’t go to a dermatologist for chest pain. It’s a similar sentiment. There are great listing services like PsychologyToday, GoodTherapy, and TherapyTribe, etc. that lists therapists in your area and their specialities.

  2. Interviewing your therapist: Use the free consultations therapists offer to figure out if their style of therapy will work for you. Ask about their schooling and training. Ask about how they approach issues. Find out if their availability works with your schedule. Figure out if their personality works with yours. You must like your therapist and believe that their modelof therapy can be effective.

  3. Referrals: If you feel comfortable enough, ask your friends if they know of any therapists they feel comfortable referring you to. If you don’t feel comfortable, ask your primary care physician's office if they have a list of referrals therapists in your area.

Rochelle Marecheau, MFT