Retail Therapy or Shopping Addiction?

Happy shopping woman with bags and smiling

Buying an item for yourself here and there is perfectly fine. However when does retail therapy become self-destructive rather than self-care? Popular culture has made retail therapy very popular, but how healthy is it? It depends. Talking about finances is usually a hush hush topic that you would not discuss out in the open or with strangers, so a lot of people suffer in silence. Some people are more comfortable talking about sex or religion than they are talking about their finances. Conversations may circle around a new item that was purchased but rarely around how one is able to afford that new Chanel bag after those Gucci shoes last week while working in an entry level position. If this is you, do not be ashamed. Within sessions I work with clients with understanding what messages they received as a child growing up about money and what rituals were attached to the acquisition. Money holds different perceptions and meanings for different people and once we are able to get into the emotions attached to the money we can change the influence and problematic ritual.

Buying luxury items, again, is not a crime or a cry for help, but if retail therapy is your only means of coping, you might want to consult with your credit card statements and then schedule an appointment with Rochelle.