Spring Cleaning for the Mind

Spring. The season when daylight lasts longer, pollen accumulates, and we’re no longer feeling the blues of a cold winter.

In this season, many begin the task of “spring cleaning”; bleaching every corner of the house, going through closets to find things to donate, redecorating. It’s always great to create an environment that allows you to feel at ease and decluttered, but what about the spring cleaning that needs to happen mentally?

I think that sometimes we forget that our minds need to be dusted off as often as we dust our home. By this, I mean taking the time to declutter our minds and refocus on what makes us happy, what makes us feel lighter, what makes us feel rejuvenated.

This Spring think about ways you can sweep the cobwebs from your mind. And if you don’t know where to start, here are few things to try:

 Spend less time online and more time outside
 Take up a new hobby or one you haven’t done in a while
 Seek therapy
 Be kind to yourself
 Find what doesn’t serve or interest you, and let it go
 Just do nothing. Relax.
 All of the above