Strength in Rain

So you made it through the cruel winter…

What scars do you have to show for it?

How much much of your good sense is intact?

What pieces are left, broken as they may be?

Praises to springtime day break.

The heavens open up to rinse away the blood, sweat, and tears that you’ve undoubtedly shed through the cold.

To clean you up.

To prepare you for the next battle.

But are you inside watching the rain fall because you are too wounded from the fight?

Are you missing your opportunity for healing?

Are you forgetting that there is wisdom planted in you needing watering?

Let the rain be your renewal.

Let your pain be the catalyst to your growth.

I have seen forests grow from a single tear

because of the bravery to face the thunder.

Let your mind restore and repair.

There is no judgement here.

Just a chair and dead air….a space for you to be bare.