The Present Moment

2be447_796fe008435b49bd98724ceec62f9b20~mv2_d_5956_3971_s_4_2Have you ever driven home from work and wondered how you arrived without recalling the turns and landmarks along the way. Well, we know what happened…your brain went into default mode and decided to focus on organizing the million thoughts in your head instead of enjoying the drive home. I know…who enjoys rush hour traffic? But there is something to being present even during our daily, sometimes hectic drive times.
Being present has an overwhelming impact on our future desires. We think if we are not intently focused on planning our future every waking minute of the day, we are negating successful outcomes. I recall in my 20s meeting people who were always on the go…never focusing on what was happening in the moment. Their motto was “if I’m not hustling and preparing for my next successful moment, I’m not living.” Unfortunately, they struggled with acknowledging and celebrating their current successes.
But imagine if you sat still for a moment and took note of the messages that your body was delivering to your brain. In this moment, planning and organizing is not necessary…just your full undivided attention to the current messages you receive from your observations and body. When you attune to your feelings around the message(s) being delivered, you open up the space to welcome in what is meaningful and real. There is amazement and fulfillment in the sights, sounds and feelings that surround you. Being present allows you to accept and appreciate where you are at that very moment.
Now the disclaimer. Being present and sitting with our thoughts and observations can sometimes flip the switch of unease. It’s okay. Give yourself permission to welcome the awareness. Overlooking and avoiding what is happening for you presently can overcast your future intentions and desires. Acknowledging your present needs encourages clarity in your plan.
So on your next drive to work or home, observe the sights and sounds…sit with the messages that your body is delivering to you…and welcome the feelings and emotions that the present moment conjures up. You will be surprised the effect it will have on your future.
Be well and courageous.